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Welcome to Amesbury Point Marina

I thought it important to have a “Future Plans” section on our web site in order to share my vision for this historical site and keep our marina members, Amesbury residents and visitors apprised of our progress.

Born and raised in Merrimac MA., my appreciation for the natural beauty of the Merrimack River has been a lifetime in the making. I was raised in a boating family and have experienced the joys of this river as only boaters can.

I consider myself fortunate to have been able to successfully build upon the efforts of my Dad and create a company in Amesbury, MA. that he would have been proud of. Over the past few decades, the success of ARC Technologies afforded me the opportunity to acquire a number of Amesbury’s historical mill buildings. I take great satisfaction in seeing these mill buildings restored and bustling with activity as they did in their heyday. It is my hope to develop and restore Amesbury Point in this same manner.

I am fully aware that any plans for the site will need to meet local conservation commission, zoning and planning board approval in addition to Mass Dept. of Environmental Protection regulations. I am optimistic that a marina complex that honors the site’s history and provides unprecedented public access to this beautiful part of Amesbury can be built.

It starts with a vision. The conceptual drawings shown below, are the result of an evolving design process. In 2022, I hired Seger Architects in Salem, MA to champion our design efforts. I quickly realized that my original vision for the Marina site was overly ambitious and not realistic. The current proposed plan is for a far simpler build-out of the site; including a facility for marina members and a waterfront restaurant.

As always, there will be regulatory hurdles that dictate what can and cannot be accomplished on this site. My team and will be working closely with the City of Amesbury and Mass DEP over the next few months. Through these meetings, we will gain further clarity on the scope of the Amesbury Point project and share those updates with you through the “Future Plans” page of this website.

We are excited to embark on this venture and look forward to seeing you at Amesbury Point.
Dan Healey